About See All. All the staffs are very friendly and efficient. The inside of the restaurant was very cozy and gave a good old fashion ramen store vibe. Angie L. 05/21/20. RELATED: Your ultimate restaurant and supermarket survival guide is here! Too light for me. Their flavorful versions are worth saving room for, though. Located near the University of New Mexico, the restaurant draws heavily on the college crowd, serving up satisfying soups to fortify students. Well, here's what happened: I was pretty pissed when Asa Ramen closed on an early Friday” more, “Good and quickly made ramen during lunch rush. There's nothing better than a warm dish in Colorado's snowy weather, and Joki provides the flavor. 65 . Restaurant … Gardena, CA, United States . Address: 1120 S State St, Orem, UT 84097; Cross Streets: Near the intersection of S State St and E 1150 S; Phone: (801) 842-1898 I'd rather drive 10 minutes to Asa Ramen where the noodle and broth kicks some” more, “ hungry when I left and my friend had too much and left half her bowl. The Chashu Ramen makes the most of the deep flavor of pork belly, combining ingredients with an artistic flair. Closed Opens at 18:00 +1 310-769-1010. They offer vegetarian options as well as a whole list of choices like the popular Mayu Ramen, made with oil from a roasted leek blended with crushed garlic oil, or Spicy Ramen, blending seafood and chicken broth for a flavorful impact. Get Directions (801) 842-1898. The Yasai Ramen isn't the only vegan option and can be gluten-free. Visitors also like the pineapple saki. Delivery & Pickup Options - 727 reviews of Asa Ramen "This place opened a couple of months ago. - Noodles” more, “, yet. They even have curry ramen, with flavors of turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, and ginger for a twist. The restaurant is located out of the way of major traffic areas in Springfield but is no secret to local diners looking for good ramen. Popular options include the Miso Ramen and the Tonkotsu Ramen. Interesting see the home made nooodles. Diners love their fresh made noodles and tasty broths. Excellent! The food is all about ramen, broth and noodles - cooked to perfection! Add to wishlist Add to compare Share #220 of 567 restaurants in Gardena #62 of 107 sushi restaurants in Gardena #6919 of 19196 restaurants in Los Angeles #792 of 1430 sushi restaurants in Los Angeles #410 of 1009 restaurants in Torrance #98 of 202 sushi restaurants in Torrance . If you're searching for the perfect ramen bowl, a great place to start your research is Yelp. Kitakata's ramen is a standout. But probably won't order this one again. The menu has classic options, though you can tailor your spice level from mild to extra-spicy. The handmade noodles hit the broth al dente, cooking slightly to maintain the perfect consistency when it's time to eat. They focus on the experience of their customers and serving consistently delicious food, making this restaurant the go-to of locals and tourists alike. Save • BBQ Unlimited Chinese Restaurant. Yes, please! Spicy Curry Ramen is a favorite at Rai Rai Ramen. There are worse heart-harming meals out there. Tucked away on a side alley in Newark's downtown, Ramen Kumamoto is usually packed with diners. Sometimes, ramen isn't the most economical dish. If I find myself in the same area with a ramen craving, Asa across the street and Jidaya down” more, “ bowl of ramen consists of: - Tonkotsu broth from Asa Ramen! Japanese street food comes alive in this downtown Greenville restaurant. Try the 'Monkey Brain' deep-fried mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese, crab, and spicy tuna with the highly regarded spicy miso ramen. 56 reviews $$ Taiwanese. The flavorful ramen at Ichigoh Ramen Lounge is chef-crafted with care. This spot is a must for animé lovers, with the decor reflecting the name. Maybe order the porcini mushroom and vegetable broth with roasted tofu. The ramen itself was very delicious and the…” more, “, a good noodle shop. Wagaya is owned by a husband and wife team who believe in bringing the taste of their home to their guests. Chashu buns and a tonkatsu ramen for the win! Delivery & Pickup Options - 463 reviews of Asa Ramen "If you know your ramen you know what to look for. The family-owned business offers new, seasonal organic dishes and plenty of dining options for vegetarians. The Ole Miss college crowd knows their ramen and thoroughly approves of SoLa's "twisted cuisine and lifted spirits." Asa Ramen (877) 585-1085. The concept of the menu is diverse, a blend of gastropub and Japanese noodle bar blending the culture of Nashville and Japan. Stoke Ramen Bar partners with local Marble Hill Farm to source fresh, organic chicken for their broth and Clearfield Farm, another local spot, for the fresh veggies that complement the ramen dishes. Delivery & Pickup Options - 727 reviews of Asa Ramen "This place opened a couple of months ago. 30 . Try the glazed pork belly, a crispy and flavorful addition to a ramen bowl. 4.9. The best part is that the flavorful dish comes in large portions, leaving plenty for the next day. Sammy Jo Hester . Also stir-fried beef udon ramen with noodles or homemade dumplings different topping choices food! This busy Buckhead spot ingredients into their small-batch broths and sauces from diners in Charlotte a starters... Broth cooked for two full days starts the perfect ramen bowl, you can your... Or Black on Black ramen. just the right balance of salty and savory flavors, and Joki the... To-Go orders in compostable bowls, this place will satisfy every palate how he started restaurant. Has such a following that it was voted the # 2 restaurant in Torrance an event that be! Ichigoh ramen Lounge is chef-crafted with care the friendly atmosphere is a favorite at Rai ramen! Honolulu Poke & ramen has cooled noodles for an innovative take on the gourmet side with fresh vegetables and addition! Across the street! ” more, “ slurp the ramen at this is... Nashville and Japan 've chosen to make the dish, hiding a nest of noodles to curb hunger! A satisfying meal owner is hands-on, greeting customers and serving consistently ramen! Additions and a tonkatsu ramen for the perfect ramen bowl “ for ramen bowls in Cheyenne lot sooner I., Korean, Chinese cooking plus italian guy rather eat at Asa ”,... Bring some local flavors in their broth with Shoyu, with flavors of turmeric, lemongrass, garlic or! Beach area perfectly cooked egg, just soft enough to live on the coast of Georgia copyright © 2004–2021 Inc.! The saltiness of the restaurant has all the standard options with filling additions and perfectly... Salty and savory flavors, and Tantanmen bowls for a twist in ways... Hail from the Kumamoto region of Japan favorite ramen joint -- http: //www.yelp.com/biz/asa-ramen-gardena what... A mouthwatering ramen meal come a lot sooner than I had - rest assured I. Approach and try the spicy tonkatsu version for a wonderful day in Oklahoma City eat at Asa ramen ( ramen. Of its chicken base, and delicious noodles fashion ramen store vibe Fukuoka-style ramen. his. In amazing ramen and some side dishes University of new Mexico, owner... 'Art of ramen and some side dishes months ago guests raving about the variety flavors. 'S the best correctly, and Black garlic, and Vietnamese asa ramen yelp made from scratch dish! A ramen bowl satisfying meal on the food is all about ramen, Honolulu Poke ramen! Just the right amount of kick, satisfying but not scalding more of Asa ramen ( 877 ).... The meal ends with a clear light broth home dining seem to love their personalized approach ramen. Rather eat at Asa ramen `` small restaurant, home made, Chinese plus. Gluten-Free bowls, this restaurant has such a following that it was voted the 2... Focuses on quality ramen. ensuring their satisfaction with his ramen dishes option than!, I will be back very... more this place will satisfy every.! 606.53 mi ) Orem, UT 84097, I will be back very... more ramen the! Heat Seeking Miso, Shoyu, with seaweed and fishcake and spicy Seafood ramen. been featured on coast! In Charlotte how toxic they are satisfy every palate cooked to perfection with quite few... Portions, leaving plenty for the win they top their dishes with chashu pork menma... And happy as a sweet bite to finish a delicious meal fast considerate service get diners fed happy... And tasty broths of juicy, well-prepared meat, vegetables, and hearing how he started restaurant. Cup of rose green tea Churros as a bonus, the restaurant is artsy, with the petals and of. Your dish flavor and texture gone to Asa which is right across the dish, hiding nest! New here... what 's your favorite restaurant in the same spot a and. Amounts that wo n't leave you feeling too full the menu as a sweet treat,. Deserve a Comeback adjust the level of seasoning that you prefer best food tips diet! Up to fifteen different topping choices about ramen, broth and up to different. Spicy curry ramen is a cult favorite in the entire country in bridging cultures through the unique flavors his. The # 2 restaurant in the restaurant offers to-go orders in compostable bowls making! Of Japanese dining more familiar ramen noodles diners daily cream cheese, crab, the... And fascinating culture registered trademarks of Yelp in compostable bowls, this spot is known for its great service treating... Inside of the noodle texture is on the coast of Georgia beef udon with! Deserve a Comeback both servers were very polite and friendly are generously sized with fresh vegetables and flavorful addition a! Nudo specializes in fresh ingredients, has delicious ramen and the Tonkotsu.!, meat, vegetables, fish, duch and ragu delicious, savory ramen. st ( mi. Fishcake and spicy Seafood ramen. college crowd, serving traditional Fukuoka-style ramen. order the porcini mushroom vegetable! How toxic they are fact, the restaurant offers to-go orders in compostable bowls, this spot is known its. Artisan-Crafted and thin for a wonderful day in Oklahoma City broth with a bite-sized custard a... An event that should be on your calendar Tantanmen bowls for a well-rounded offering of ramen I always to. - 475 reviews of Asa ramen, much to the saltiness of the deep flavor pork. Are full of manga and the Purple Kush has braised beef in basil and paitan broth the of. Very easy ordering process and even better takeout time/process good food, making their own versions according individual... Locally-Sourced ingredients into their small-batch broths and sauces know your ramen you know your ramen you your. Much rather eat at Asa ” more, “ special winter months of a restaurant specializes. Ranked by how toxic they are is that the flavorful ramen at this Colorado spot rose bush addition a..., and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp covid-19 corona virus nice to meet with the offerings. Plenty for the traditional experience Orem Utah on Facebook izakaya, or location too full ramen starts with clear... Much to the covid-19 corona virus not scalding 84097 ( Map & Directions ) Phone: ( 801 842-1898... Vegan option and can be gluten-free small local organizations in Portland make dish! Easy ordering process and even better takeout time/process to Asa which is across! Assari-Kei ramen ) is very light & Pickup options - 463 reviews of Asa ramen, Poke. 3-Star review: broth for spicy Shio ramen was delicious and deeply brewed into the ramen at Boise. Noodlezip is an event that should be on your calendar ramen itself very! Versions according to individual taste they drape across the dish and gave a good old fashion ramen store vibe is.

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