It is an influence which provides an impulse to buy. Family is the most influential factor for an individual. If the customer is not satisfied he may not buy the product again and may talk bad about the product to his friends, colleagues and relatives. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. For example, let utility be a function of two goods x 1 and x 2, i.e., Cardinal theory of consumer behaviour also is helpful to explain the law of demand in the following ways: Essay # 3. Sales force/advertisement must try to re-state the benefits again and again. Personality is a complex psychological concept. Lecture 2 theories and models of consumer behavior 1. Factors such as quality, price, […] Learn more. For example, a customer who plays video games in … A person to maintain his personality will decide his purchase accordingly. These trademarks give the consumers a legal guarantee of the quality of the products bearing them. One of the most commonly used consumer behavior theories states that consumers behave rationally. Marketing management should offer appropriate cues to promote the sale of the product. Kendra Cherry. Provide channels for speedy redressal of customer grievances. But the possibility of a trial purchase is not available in all cases. The self-concept refers to how a person sees himself and how he believes others to see him at a particular time. A worker would prefer economic dresses, bus travel, etc. One way for the State to influence marketing decisions of companies is to undertake actively undertake certain marketing activities by itself. (e) Occasionally, consumers may use an evaluation process permitting trade-offs among different alternatives. Every successful marketing campaign starts with an understanding of the customers’ buying behaviour. (ii) The lifestyle followed by the family influences consumer’s buying behaviour to a great extent. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Example: Consumer attitudes influence purchasing behavior, where cognitive theory comes into play. i. Hence, he will choose according to his lifestyle. … Many products are bought under conditions of low involvement and absence of significant brand difference, for example, salt. Primary Groups – With whom the person interacts fairly continuously and informally such as family, friends, neighbours and co-workers. According to Philip Kotler – ‘A person’s buying behaviour is strongly influenced by many groups.’ A person’s reference groups are those groups that have a direct or indirect influence on the person’s attitude and behaviour. A number of reasons make the study of consumer behaviour relevant for effective marketing management. All persons are not alike. Understanding consumer behavior is a broad and complicated task, but with the right research mix you can begin to get a detailed understanding of your customers and their motivations. If it lands on seven or eleven, you win. These relate to causes that induce a consumer to purchase certain class of quality goods. Examples include soft drinks, snack foods, milk etc. (2) Buyers level of involvement determines why he/she is motivated to seek information about a certain products and brands but virtually ignores others. It includes problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives and benefits that lead to a buying decision. Some ritual consumer behaviour may have roots in tradition and religion, but many have family or person-specific origin and were developed in relation to marketing which may have reflected existing ritual or created the ritual. The study of consumer behaviour helps the marketers in preparing a better and more relevant marketing programme. Kyle is a consumer with a budget of $200, who must choose how to allocate his funds between pizza and video games (the bundle of goods). Attitudes are the result of experiences. Beginning about Mass media like newspapers, radio and television provide information. v. Dissociative Groups – These are those whose values or behaviour an individual rejects and he will buy the products to avoid being associated with that group. If his expectations are met by the product, he is said to be satisfied and if satisfaction exceeds expectations, the consumer is said to be delighted. A person may have high desire to buy so many things. They have very high influence on purchase decisions. Thus, marketers need to know the category of the customers’ satisfaction. The definition of the communications industry with examples. Why are the consumers dissatisfied? In developing countries like India, nationalised companies manufacture steel, cement, fertiliser, coal, etc. Consumer preferences are changing and becoming highly diversified. Hence, knowledge of Consumer behaviour is necessary for improving the performance of the entire distribution system. It is mainly concerned with psychology, motivations, and behavior. 2001) are two of the most widely cited analytical models”. Mathematical Derivation of Consumer Behaviour : ADVERTISEMENTS: Let U (x) be the utility from commodity X whose price is P x. In the later stages of life-cycle, they are back to the early stages. Advances in Consumer Research Volume 5, 1978 Pages 590-595. Although a behaviorist would seek stimulus and response relationships in the purchasing situation, the Cogno scientist will attribute the buying behavior to the use of past experience and a set of specific attitudes. Actions which can be taken by a marketer by analysing post-purchase behaviour of a customer: i. The members of the family play different role such as influencer, decider, purchaser, and user in the buying process. 8. The members may interpret the same in different ways. The final purchase activity which is visible to us and the decision process which involves a number of complex variables and not visible to us. These decisions are influenced by various factors. In this guide we’ll take a look at the different aspects … Food habits, religious practices, the way we dress are all influenced by culture. A person acquires an orientation towards religion, politics, and economics and a sense of personal ambition, does not interact with the parents, still their influence in the unconscious behaviour can be significant. Thus a marketer must continuously reinforce the consumer’s choice and help him feel good about the brand. If the expectations of a consumer are not met from the product then he is said to be disappointed, if his expectations are met from the product, then he is said to be satisfied and if satisfaction exceeds expectations from the product, then he is said to be delighted. Consumer Needs‎ > ‎ Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. He may have his dinner only in five-star hotels. Its primary features are self-concept, roles and levels of consciousness. They are broadly classified into two classes – rational, which is based on logical reasoning or thinking and emotional, which is based on personal feelings. Consumer behaviour is an orderly process whereby the consumer interacts with his environment for making a purchase decision on products or services. During post- purchase evaluation, the consumer evaluates the performance of the product against his own expectations. Learning refers to changes in behaviour brought about by practice or experience. Initially, the consumer may buy small quantities of the product (trial purchase) and if he is fully satisfied with the product, he may make repeat purchases (brand loyalty). (d) Buyer – One who actually makes purchases. iv. These are transmitted from generation to generation. The PC-486 has been declared as dead and even PC-Pentium has got many upgradations.

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