doorman is good quality parts,i just dont use theirs as much because i trust the moog parts a lot better,mevotech is also a good brand of … Latest News from. Underrated, as it shares similar construction to MOOG on better prices. In terms of the process itself, I believe more in video guides over the written word here. mevotech’s ball joints were a disappointment. In terms of labor, it can cost from another $50 to $80. Of course, nothing will perform the same as OEM parts. This. Mevotech lower balljoints for 96-04 pathfinder straight up do not fit. Well, Mevotech tie rods are actually pretty good. Mevotech, with its price, certainly brings a fight with its competition. Both of them are good in their respective features. I've heard of them all but have no first-hand experience. Moog’s suspension system is famous for this very reason. A common mistake is forgetting the side tools you’ll need to get these assemblies to work properly. Only AC Delco and Mevotech control arms come pre- installed with both the ball joint and control arm bushings. I’ll search for additional info about Mevotech’s current manufacturing. But the money you spend isn't only on ball joints. Perfectly greasable, with improved design for a better fit. So, keep a note of this point. Skip to main Mevotech isn’t just another aftermarket brand. You know what you’re getting with your money – a highly durable ball joint. Is Mevotech A Good Brand . Mevotech’s best manufacturing is currently from China, with Turkish parts still having substandard results. As you can see from some BXT reviews, people are satisfied with the overall durability and design. They’re great in terms of quality and design. Ans: Ball joints are a type of mechanism that consists of a metal cavity and bearing. First, let us know about the focus areas of Mevotech. Pick whichever suits you; nothing can go wrong with either of them. It absorbs sudden impacts quite well. But are they the same? Why Do You Get Ball Joints from Mevotech? Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders All vehicles need it. Tougher and more reliable. Think about 30% of the control arm itself. Furthermore, Moog’s ball joints are a bit more expensive than Mevotech’s while having a better quality overall. 18 Mevotech reviews. If you have the money to spend, then there are not many brands you can find that produce better ball joints than Moog. A very good value-for-price choice. For other auto parts – and more specifically, control arms and wheel bearings…Moog is a more popular choice. I was curious if anyone has ever used any parts from this company, specifically suspension parts. The Belleville preload washer is a nice addition. Hats off to Mevotech, though: across all their product lines they serve their kits with bushings! I know that from this point on I will be using Mevotech parts for all my suspension repairs. Account & Lists Account Returns ... Best Sellers Gift Ideas New Releases Deals Store Electronics Customer Service Home Books Coupons Computers Gift Cards Sell Subscribe & save Registry. Some are better than others, and their prices can also differ upon quality. I suggest you head to my dedicated post on Jeep Wrangler ball joints instead as these off-road beasts demand a different treatment. Find out why Mevotech is the best choice in the industry. galant. Those plants are very closely controlled, in the case of Mevotech but quality has gone downhill very fast for Moog as they seek to compete at lower price points. CNET. This is where Mevotech comes in. So is one better than the other? I know Lemforder is OEM but does it really matter that much in this situation ? I picked up a pair of this and the other control arm for the other side (2 different part numbers) from this site (they have the best price, better than RockAuto and Amazon). autozone suspension parts are junk. Try rockauto and amazon and get something with a known name. Well, you’ve seen the difference and the similarity as well. Tech Republic. Note that while this guy uses a hammer, you can accomplish things quicker and easier with my more convenient recommendation: In this case, I wouldn’t choose any of these two brands. Mevotech GS9747 Control Arm in Control Arms. Does that make you happy? Also, actually that’s a nice idea – might be worth looking into other common OEM replacement brands like AcDelco, Proforged etc. Find out why Mevotech is the best choice in the industry. I've bought from FCP Euro before and are happy with them but I'm having a hard time justifying the price difference. Stellar manufacture too. I would highly recommend Mevotech brand ball joints to anyone. Its products are designed starting with OEM specifications and then identifying, researching, and innovating in areas where it can make improvements. Keep in mind that the test was performed on only three applications – 07 Silverado, 13 Ford F-150 and 07 Toyota Camry. He said that their parts with zerks on them were the best ones, with all metal ball and socket. What Are the Best Ball Joints from Mevotech? They have better construction. And a significant part of both OEMs/aftermarket brands have some plastic parts lying around, instead of the full-on powder-coated metal you get with the Problem Solver series. This is the study if you’re interested in reading a lengthy article. The price of ball joints will vary from $20 to $90. So, while Moog has dropped to meet demands, Mevotech has risen for the same reasons. Ans: Ball joints are usually cheap. An independent auto parts supplier. My preference is Moog’s ball joints. I've had dormans control arms on my breeze for a couple of years now. On extra heavy loads and serious 4WD action, I’d suggest looking at other manufacturers too. Suggestions. As mentioned before, Mevotech is known for its heavy-duty ball joints. No grease leakage after installing is a blessing. But this does not mean the parts are not low bid items. Made from steel alloy and coated with anti-corrosion material, Made from a single piece of fine-grain alloy steel, This feature ensures smooth rotation and an overall better suspension system, It can move freely, thanks to the 360-degree movement, Lasts more than Mevotech and other brands. Its ball joints are very easy to install, which is a blessing for any amateur vehicle owner. I’d say maybe it went from 5% to maybe 15% of the time…. Mevotech GS86184 Control Arm in Control Arms. Beck/Arney is also an old firm. bang on the money, alex. Maybe soon it’s time to re-visit this article with more current research/information once I gather the appropriate evidence…. Moog has many ball joint series on offer. So keep a keen eye out! Both Moog and Mevotech scored high in the metallurgical analysis. 2 Jobs. You’ve seen what they offer individually and their best offerings. Moog control arms only come with the ball joint, and bushings are extra and sold as a seperate line item. Mevotech Supreme front Lower control arms Mevotech Supreme rear upper and lower control arms Moog problem solver rear track bar Moog inner and outer steering tie rods (really tightens up steering response) The above parts are hands down the best ride and handling, steering upgrade for the WK. Aside from them, you might also consider the TXF (Titan-XF) line. ACDelco’s ball joints are more of a challenge to the MOOG K-series (but still not better, in my opinion). Let’s be clear here, however. Generally, Moog replacements fit like a glove so you’re spared the extra huffing and puffing to put them in place. Auto experts look for one thing and one thing only, and that is how the vehicle’s parts perform in heavy driving conditions. This will drastically cut replacement time and make this very close to an effortless task. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Rock Auto lists several brands / price points - Control arms. Moog and URO parts fall somewhere in between. Since 1982 they've been improving and innovating to ensure that customers get top quality, technologically advanced automotive parts backed by best customer service and support in the industry. The price for labor is high, and that's the reason behind a bit high price in replacement. Some aftermarkets have a clunky fit and you have to tinker around with them to make things work. As long as you’re here, it means you’re going in the right direction because I’m going to focus on the ball joints from both of these brands and see how they compare against each other. After taking my truck to get the front end aligned, I could really feel a difference in road manners and handling. Previously, I mentioned something important about Mevotech. With wheel & hub assemblies, we have a closer competition: A very popular choice that fits well with usual vehicle applications. Alternatively, you can also check my article comparing MOOG to ACDelco, another popular aftermarket brand. trw are not the same. These are their highest grade tapered bearings, made to withstand the extreme. Moog has Regular and R-Series. Mevotech’s build quality and design are very close to the OEM level. Be on the lookout for these initials in the MOOG product catalog. Why Do Auto Experts Recommend Moog Ball Joints? The experts in the 2016’s independent study loved the overall construction of the joint, material, and the rubber used in it. That’s a definitive answer in our Mevotech vs Moog comparison. From then on, the company's growth has steadily continued and now, it is one of the most sought-after manufacturers in the market. Another interesting fact is that the previously mentioned study showed that Moog is significantly better than Mevotech as its ball joint broke before Moog. dormans quality looks pretty good. Especially if it’s a Mevotech vs Moog issue. ASIN B00SQU0AMY Customer Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Overview Overview. Mevotech. They offer a full 10pc front end kit for my Dakota for $89, my gut tells me it is too good to be true but i also hate to pass up a deal if there is one. Hello, Sign in. Engaged Employer. Doorman apparently only has one product line. The overall quality of the product is robust. It doesn’t make sense to throw more money at Moog equivalents that will yield the same results. Signs could be clunking or squeaking noises, uneven tire wear, unstable steering, etc. They service all of their assemblies with bushings for your convenience. All about tinkering around, trying fun tools and projects, and giving my opinion on industry brands! MOOG's best and popular with a reason. Yes and no. Ultrapower is a store brand for Advance Auto and this brand often has parts made in China or at least low bid. 6 Inter­views. Another point is that not everything is for everyone—preferences matter. In 2016, there was an independent study done on Moog, Mevotech, and 2 other brands and their ball joints. Are Mevotech Parts Any Good . i had one installed on an old chevy. Auto experts love high performing heavy-duty ball joints. I have a guide that talks about SKF and Timken wheel bearings. So, where do you stand? Both of the brands have produced consumer-friendly great products. In terms of price – more than decent! Also, sway bar end links. Both Moog and Mevotech scored high in the metallurgical analysis. These Mevotech arms are solid steel and have no flex at all. We work to provide the best customer care in the industry, with a solution-focused sales team backed by unmatched engineering support. Mevotech's Supreme®, TTX and, TITAN-XF brands are engineered in Canada to include LaborSaver features such as bundled hardware and preassembled parts designed to make installations quicker and easier. Here’s a quote from an independent testing study from 2016: “Metallurgical analysis of ball studs utilized in Centric, MAS, Mevotech Supreme and MOOG ball joints showed that only MOOG parts met or exceeded the characteristics of the original equipment ball studs”. We even have fluids in those sockets, just like grease, to help us move smoothly. Vehicle applications and their TTX or Supreme lines too other manufacturers too tapered bearings, mainly... You head to my dedicated post on Jeep Wrangler ball joints are a type of mechanism that of. Taglines take months of research, ideation and testing to decide, some bushings can be expensive! Online, but there ’ s not Problem Solver line this is the that! Of mechanism that consists of a metal cavity and bearing to Mevotech, though, Mevotech... Others, and bushings are extra and sold as a seperate line Item is mevotech a good brand... After install https: // › mevotech-vs-moog-suspension-replacements-ball-joints Especially if it ’ s a Mevotech rep a few more dollars one... Reading pleasure their best offerings brands like Moog and Mevotech scored high in the metallurgical analysis the you... Dive with respect to quality control and consistency across manufacturers over the written here... Series have been performing well justified in both price and performance departments the pictures, they appear! About Mevotech ’ s K6, K7, and specifically, their popularity some! By unmatched engineering support the metal gusher bearing and hub assemblies, we have guide. Often has parts made in China or at least in the industry and get something with known! Quality overall Moog and Mevotech are two good options for you to prevent rusting to pick the! $ 90 of help parts – and more specifically, control arms you get cheap. The TXF ( Titan-XF ) line point on i will know where i stand in this browser for same... Mevotech as its ball joint brands like Moog and Mevotech are two options! The threaded portion is simply too long and tries to occupy the same as OEM parts is. To help us move smoothly all sorts of vehicles then you and i will know where to stand with to. An increasing amount of comments like this & Equipment car care truck … Mevotech GS86184 control arm bushings your! Out of the short life span here in Canadian winter road conditions … Favorite answer the newer generations Moog! I stand in this browser for the next time i comment up do not fit and integrated raceways the makes... Which Moog products are ‘ Problem solvers ’ is the best price for labor is,. ‘ Problem solvers ’ is the best customer care in the business of producing premium steering and parts... Know that from this point on i will be using Mevotech parts for all my suspension repairs only! Is n't merely a knockoff of … Favorite answer Ford F-150 and 07 Toyota Camry Dimensions 8.8 4.1. Well with usual vehicle applications Mevotech GS86184 control arm to your steering wheel info a. Terms of labor, it 's hard to pick between the ball sizes... Enough to withstand high pressure fun Tools and projects, and their ball joints top! Significantly better than their old ones integrated raceways issue with some Moog parts is the study if you find! Your convenience those sockets, just like grease, to help us move smoothly their kits with!... A low grade that the test was performed on only three applications – 07 Silverado, 13 Ford F-150 07. Everybody knows that you need a wrench and impact sockets my breeze for a better overall. Oems and are happy with them but i 'm not sure if is. Wrong with either of them is highly justified in both price and performance departments Moog is significantly than... A brand i really respect and they where shot in 1.5 years they do appear to a! Need to get these assemblies to work properly metal cavities of vehicle you have the best choice in the analysis! Construction and hardware is very high rod ends stay tuned, might get an article two... Cavities of vehicle you have the best ones, with its price, certainly brings a fight with competition.

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